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25 December 2017 @ 07:21 pm

I'm making this friends only
Why? Because, i'm making a resolution to use this more as a journal than i already do, which should result in more personal posts.

And well...because i don't want just anyone reading what i write here, seeing as i rant quite a bit, and you never know who could be reading it and know exactly what i mean.

So yeah, basically just comment to be added. I don't bite =)
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25 December 2012 @ 08:17 pm
I saw this somewhere a while ago and thought it was a really cute idea :)

This post is full of quotes that really moved me. Some made me laugh, some made me really think and some of them are just abosolutely brilliant!

Please don't comment as this is purely a collection for my personal use!

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29 September 2011 @ 07:59 pm
My List
(I'll bold the goals as I complete them)
(Goals in progress will be in italics)

001. Fill a photo album with photos I have taken each year
002. Write fanfiction and post it on Lj
003. Make 25 YouTube videos [25/25]
004. Go to at least 10 gigs [8/10]
005. Go to the theatre at least 15 times [18/15]

006. Hand ALL my coursework in on time
007. Get at least 9 A*'s/A's out of 12 GCSE's. [10/9]
008. Get a B or above in GCSE Dance
009. Decide on what I want to study in 6th form and be happy with it
010. Decide on where I want to go to Uni & what I want to study

011. Learn to drive
012. Create a proper scrapbook
013. Meet 10 famous people [9/10]
014. Meet at least 2 online friends in real life [0/2]
015. Go to a music festival (x2)

016. Get a Saturday/summer job
017. Post to my Lj every day for a month [0/30]
018. Learn to play an instrument (Brazillian samba drums count right?)
019. Give up chocolate for at least a month
020. Be a Vegetarian for more than 6 months

021. Learn to cook proper meals
022. Have a David Tennant box set marathon
023. Win a competition
024. Lose weight
025. See Wicked in the West End

026. Go to the NLBC youth weekend
027. Lead at Hexham Holiday Club
028. Find a pen pal
029. Get my ears pierced at least 1 more time
030. Take a photo of myself every day for a year [3/365]

031. Make and decorate a really cool cake
032. Get a boyfriend and make the relationship last
033. See Tom, Finn and Ellen
034. Go to Ireland at least 3 times [2/3]
035. Learn Ballet

036. Never smoke
037. Never do drugs

038. Learn to sew properly
039. Learn Spanish again
040. Spend Christmas in a different place each year

041. Walk out of the doors of QEHS for the last time (as a student)
042. Go to at least 10 different musicals [8/10]
043. Watch an episode from Fame Academy series 1
044. Read 50 books [41/50]
045. Shop in 10 different cities [10/10]

046. Visit 5 different countries [5/5]
047. Own 10 items signed by famous people (not counting gig tickets) [7/10]
048. Visit 2 theme parks [1/2]
049. Go on a proper date
050. See Oddsocks at least once a year [2/3]

051. Get through a Youth Theatre production without developing a crush
052. See three bands live for the first time [3/3]
053. Be somehow involved in every Youth Theatre show
054. Make each Valentines Day memorable
055. Volunteer for charity

056. Protest!
057. Make an effort to actually exercise
058. Go to a fancy dress party
059. Redecorate my room
060. Make a postcard for Postsecret

061. Stay clear of permenant hair dye. If I'm gonna dye it, use temporary!
062. Improve my Photoshop skills
063. Spend an entire day on a boat
064. Regularly clear out my iPod
065. Get kissed under the mistletoe

066. Go skiing every year, even if only indoors [3/3]
067. Improve my very basic gymnastics
068. Fill a colouring book
069. Write 10 proper letters [7/10]
070. Go to a gig with Laura, Bexxi and Emma each year [0/3]

071. See the same band at least twice
072. Horse ride again
073. Always remove makeup at night
074. Buy something from Jack Wills
075. Make shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child

076. Buy a pair of jeans that I love
077. Improve my flexibility
078. Make bracelets
079. Go to Yr 11 and/or Yr 13 balls
080. Stop stalking him on Facebook

081. Get a paid Lj account
082. Own tshirts from every band I go to see [5/?]
083. Go to see a dance show
084. Learn Gaelic
085. Make 50 different types of cakes or buns [20/50]

086. Paint my nails a different colour every day for a week [7/7]
087. Own 2 new pairs of converse [2/2]
088. Sort out uni or gap year
089. Own the soundtracks to all the musicals I like
090. Make my friends photo frame collages as presents [1/?]

091. Have a proper conversation with somebody famous who I admire (kinda done, but I'm counting it as a half done)
092. Go to Oxegen festival
093. Fit into a size 8 dress
094. Meet one of the 'I'd do anything' or 'Any dream will do' contestants
095. Collect one Bible verse which is inspirational or significant to me, every day for a year (2/365) (19th Sept 2010-?)

096. Meet David Tennant.
097. Need a Goal!
098. Need a Goal!
099. Need a Goal!
100. Need a Goal!

101. Need a Goal!
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This is Painting Stations, the first single from a band called Vinyl Jacket who are pretty damn awesome. Jack, the bassist is in my maths class and although I barely know him he's a pretty cushty/hilarious guy. Anyway, the band have been getting a fair bit of local recognition for a while now, and it's getting to the point where they've started getting some national exposure, being featured on BBC Introducing show's and doing more and more local radio interviews & sessions. The reason I'm posting it now though is because the single is being played on the Chris Moyles show on Radio 1 tomorrow morning which is kinda awesome, so if you like it whack on the radio at 8.45am tomorrow.

I know this isn't the most exciting of posts, but hey, they're a local band who deserve every bit of the recognition they're getting so I figured I'd spread the word a little.
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31 December 2010 @ 11:59 pm
Idea stolen from apaperdoll and pixie_socks
Scrapbook; 2010Collapse )
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24 December 2010 @ 01:21 pm

Somebody pleaaaaseee make a GIF of Charlie, Matt and the badger at the end...it would make my Christmas! ♥
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14 November 2010 @ 08:42 pm
Things that have already happened!

♥ LONDON! Which was pretty awesome but insanely tiring!
♥ Bonfire Night! Our town always has an awesome bonfire and fireworks display on the nearest Saturday (this year the 6th November) and we (A Batida da Rua) always end up drumming which is immense fun cos we just cover ourselves & the drums in glowsticks and make a lot of noise while the bonfire gets lit!


♥ QEHS music concert. Choir always does something in them (usually a musical medley in the autumn one) and this year we did the lion king! However unlike most years, Andy agreed to do something with A Batida, and decided he wanted to get the choir singing Barasuayo! Thankfully I got out of singing it cos I was drumming! But it meant it was easiest for the choir to perform straight after ABDR had, which meant a mega quick removal of drum, strap and hoodie, and running back on stage suitably boiling and looking like a twat in white trousers! It was all awesome though!
♥ Starting Carols in choir. So essentially the first choir rehearsay after the concert, we ALWAYS start carols which is absolutely awesome and involves an insane scramble to get to the book box first and not end up with one (newer) big copy, one (older) small copy and one with no pages (there are 3 books). And seeing as I'm quite skilled at the fighting for books part of it, we ended up with nice new copys :D So excited for christmas now though!

Things which are happening soon!
♥ LEEDS! On Wednesday. It's a departmental open day with an informal interview which I hope will be cushty, but I'm not too panicked about.
♥ PARAMORE! On Thursday :) So excited to see Paramore (and my friend Emma) again and it should be amazing and I can't wait!
♥ HARRY POTTER! On Friday. Tickets booked for me, Nazz and Tom. I'm excited but sad about the end being almost here, and I really hope they haven't ruined the book! But whatever happens, it's cinema & popcorn so it's all good :D

Things which are happening in the future!
♥ Sheffield and Manchester open days
♥ Pendulum
♥ People coming back from uni for Christmas

♥ Geneva trip to CERN with Physics :)
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18 September 2010 @ 01:11 am
it's nice to know there are people who care <3
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19 July 2010 @ 07:41 pm
So I know I have at least a couple of Radio 1 fans/geeks (or past fans anyway) on my flist, so I was just wondering whether anybody had any idea where I could find any downloads of literally anything with Colin Murray on! I MISS THAT MANS VOICE! ♥♥
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25 March 2010 @ 12:12 am

If you don't care about human rights at all, or the situation in Burma, then please watch it anyway...it has Christopher Eccleston in it, and then at least you're aware of the situation! :)
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