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Sun sets, the colour of fire

Yeah red head, you're taking me higher.


so there's this girl...
Her name is Hannah. She's 17 and as a result of this is currently far too excitable about driving. She lives in the north east of England. She's in Sixth Form and is studying Maths, Physics, Ancient History and Religious studies. She's a vegetarian. She's a Christian. Assuming this means she'll preach at you or try to make you change anything would be far from the truth. Oh yeah, and she's a nerdfighter!

who loves...
Childrens poems (especially if they rhyme) ♥ Photography ♥ Music ♥ Matthew Bourne's choreography ♥ Song lyrics ♥ Painting with watercolours ♥ Accoustic music ♥ Samba drumming ♥ Feet dancing through Hairspray ♥ When the fire alarm goes off in physics ♥ Gliter Spray ♥ Bonfire night ♥ Talking on street corners for hours ♥ Raving randomly ♥ Jumping in leaves ♥ Smiley faces on hands ♥ Holidays in Corfu ♥ New Zealand ♥ Surfing in the rain in Ireland ♥ Holiday Club ♥ Christmas ♥ Fairytales ♥ Flirting ♥

and will ramble over...
Music; ALL CAPS, Attack! Attack!, Biffy Clyro, Chris Tomlin, Enter Shikari, GoAudio, Gregory and the Hawk, Hey Monday, Matt Redman, McFly, Paramore, Reemer, Taylor Swift, The Script, Tim Hughes, Vampire Weekend, Soundtracks to pretty much anything!
TV; Doctor Who, Fame Academy, Gavin and Stacey, Glee, Mock the Week, Skins, SYTYCD!, Torchwood.
Books (or just authors); Cecilia Ahern, Harry Potter, Lewis Carrol, Philip Pullman, Shakespeare, The Devil Wears Prada, The Woman in Black, Wicked.

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